About Us

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Based on our revolutionary related content search technology, TopSite.com is the latest addition to the SimilarGroup family of Web properties and applications.

TopSite.com searches the Web, first collecting sites, then applies our proprietary technology to group sites by topic, finally assigning a rank to each site. The result is a list of the best sites for each category.

Quickly Find the Top Sites Online

The biggest benefit of our technology is that all users can quickly find the best sites in their field of interest, and do so without having to master complicated searches queries and spend hours of digging through irrelevant results.

Using TopSite.com, simply search for a topic and choose from one of the results. Each results page contains several relevant sites for the chosen topic, and these results are ranked from best to worst. For most users, the top website result should be a great match for the searched term.

One Toolbar – All of the Best Sites

Along with the TopSite.com website, we also offer a Firefox add-on with similar functionality to our site, helping you find the best sites on the Web while you surf, without any need to search. For each site you browse, our toolbar will show you the best sites related to that site. Learn more about our toolbar. For website owners: Using TopSite toolbar will get your site ranked higher on TopSite.com

Help Us Improve

To help improve our results, vote if sites are similar or not and add similar sites that you see are missing. Also feel free to give us feedback.

Our Sites

TopSite.com and SimilarSites.com are parts of SimilarGroup, a family of sites and browser extensions all focuses on enhancing the surfing experience.